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Mauritius Food: Mine Frite

Exchange a few words with a Mauritian and this one will soon take your news in Creole, this singing and characteristic accent that makes all the charm of the inhabitants! The beauty of the turquoise waters of this island of the Indian Ocean would be nothing without the legendary joie de vivre of the Mauritians. Eternal dream destination for young couples in honeymoon, Mauritius is turned towards its beautiful ocean, but also towards its mountains. Much greener than imagined, it is a contrasting island, which deserves to be explored in all the richness, beyond its barrier of corals!


Protected by the Great Barrier Reef, the lukewarm and transparent lagoons of Mauritius have made its reputation. Snorkeling, relaxation and sunbathing are on the program …


The first resembles a long pine, pinned with needles and small brown pods; the second is a palm tree with a slender trunk topped by a bundle of apple-green leaves. These two trees commonly borders the Mauritian coastline. If the filaos (or casuarinas) run alongside the public beaches, the coconut palms, for their part, find their ground of election in front of the large luxury establishments.


This beautiful red, white, pink or orange flower is the national flower of Mauritius. Originally from Colombia, it was introduced to the island at the end of the 19th century. At the airport, two shops are specialized in the sale and export of bouquets of anthurium.


Two of the most common and cheapest dishes in Mauritius. They are offered by a few street vendors, especially in Port Louis and in a multitude of snack bars. The mines are Chinese noodles fried in a wok with lots of good stuff and small vegetables. The “bowl renverser” is a tasty mixture of rice, vegetables, eggs and meat which is put in a bowl then turned upside down on a plate.


Creoles, Hindus, Tamils, Chinese and whites-Mauritians live side by side in Mauritius. An extremely rich cultural melting pot (each community retains its traditions) which constitutes the great strength but also the weakness of the island. If everyone is frequent and works in harmony, in 2011, inter-community marriages are still rare …

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