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Les Domes d'Albion

The west coast is destined to undergo a transformation with the construction of the Domes of Albion. This project, comprising 20 villas, stands out for its architecture and its “open living” concept. It is the first residential complex of its kind in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. Pleasure Investment Ltd, the developer, reproduces the concept developed by Monolithic Dome Institute in the United States.

Twenty villas extended on a plot of five arpents overlooking the village of Albion and overlooking the sea … This real estate project may resemble others, except that it was built according to a concept originating in the United States. “With the domed villas, we want to optimize space, brightness and aeration,” explains Bernard Mongelard, promoter of Les Dômes d’Albion.

He traveled to the United States in 2002 to learn how to master this concept set up by the Monolithic Dome Institute in the United States. “There is a very special technique to build a villa of such architecture. A balloon must first be inflated before applying shotcrete on it. ”

What was only a 3D project last year is now visible. A witness villa is already available to the public to discover this innovative concept. “We have two types of villas: one with four rooms and the other three. Each villa has a living room overlooking a veranda, a master bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen equipped with Mobalpa furnishings, a laundry room and a carport on the ground floor. Upstairs, there is the children’s room and a bathroom, as well as a terrace equipped with a pergola. The villa also has a private swimming pool and a garden. ”

Les Dômes d’Albion embraces the concept of sustainable development. The architecture allows the maximum use of natural light. A well of light at the top of the dome has been arranged for this purpose and also allows natural ventilation as well as evacuation of hot air. The sprayed concrete, used in construction, also makes it possible to insulate heat. Each villa is also equipped with a solar water heater. “The hot water tank is in the laundry room for more aesthetics. ”

The complex is located 600 meters from the main road, so far from the noise of traffic. “We have a 360 ° view, with, on the one hand, the sunset on the west coast, and, on the other hand, the mountain with its verdure. It is a very quiet and relaxing place, especially in the afternoons. ”

The villas are built in full ownership, with a 2.2 meter high wall and a private electric entrance. To access the complex, you have to go through a single entry gate with security. The alleys are elaborated with cobblestones to the old, history to preserve the natural character of the site. The emphasis is also on vegetation. The villas come with the landscaping service. Coconut, palm and multiply were planted in each garden. It should also be noted that all electrical cables are underground.

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