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honeymoon mauritius

Heavenly beaches, warm climate, charming hotels, Mauritius meets all the criteria to be the ideal destination for a honeymoon. If you also want to fly to this destination with your other half, here are some tips to make your stay on the island idyllic.

Where and when to go on honeymoon in Mauritius?

Mauritius is lucky to have a mild climate throughout the year. Indeed, with a temperature reaching 25 °C in winter against 35 °C in summer, it is quite possible to travel there at any time of the year. But for a trip to Mauritius for a honeymoon, the winter season is ideal, between July and August.

What activities to do during your honeymoon in Mauritius?

In order to enjoy activities on the island, do not forget to bring your wedding certificate with you. Indeed, the services on the island offer special offers to newly married couples. An opening to all kinds of activities. In addition to having fun on the beach and visiting the island, you can enjoy unusual activities like swimming with dolphins, walking in the sea with a helmet that will provide you with the necessary oxygen, going on a submarine trip by sea scooter, hiking on the gorges if you are feeling adventurous, among others …

Accommodation, how to go about it?

You will have nothing to worry about your accommodation. You will be spoiled with several choices available. Hotels that suit the taste and the means of each, from the decoration to the service. With a good reputation around the world, the hotel business in Mauritius will delight you. Indeed, different possibilities are available to you. For a romantic escape, you can opt for an overwater bungalow or beachfront. For a pampering and intimate moment with your other half, why not take a luxury villa.

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